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Stucco Painting in Bucks & Montgomery Counties, PA

If you have stucco on your building’s exterior, you know that it can be susceptible to Pennsylvania’s harsh winters and humid summers. Pro Painters Plus provides professional stucco painting services to keep your property looking beautiful all year long. Stucco painting with elastomeric paint creates a strong barrier against moisture. It’s watertight, denser than traditional paint, long-lasting, and bendable. By being created from a stretchy material, it adapts and bends to the material we paint it on. As your building shifts with the weather, you’ll never have to worry about cracks in the paint or moisture seeping in. Instead of investing in costly replacement services, give us a call. We specialize in painting and sealing, so you know you’re getting experts on the job. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

house with tan stucco exterior

Why Stucco with Elastomeric Paint?

Stucco with elastomeric paint is a strong and adaptable material that performs just as great as it looks. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways of enhancing the beauty of your home while adding texture and depth. Stucco is constructed by combining cement, sand, and limestone along with other materials to make a strong, durable product. It’s dense, so it insulates your home from the elements and increasing your property value. It’s also breathable and fire and water-resistant for added bonuses no matter the weather. It also takes an experienced painter to apply. We’re happy to help you on this aspect. However, with the changing seasons we experience, it can become worn and crack. When this happens, you need an expert to repair and repaint it, making your home beautiful. The team at Pro Painters Plus has years of experience working with stucco. We use the correct tools and techniques to ensure a perfect end result every time.

Specialized Techniques and Technology

Stucco with elastomeric paint is a perfect cost-efficient and low-maintenance solution for your home’s exterior. As such, it requires special care to stay in its flawless state. At Pro Painters Plus, we train all our painters in the details of stucco painting and restoration. A material like a stucco demands the care and knowledge of a professional painter. We’re here for you to increase your home’s curb appeal while making sure you don’t have any cracks for moisture and pests to get in. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We work around your schedule!

House Painting with Precision, Not a Problem