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Cabinet Refinishing for Bucks County & Perkasie, PA Clients

Restoring your kitchen and bathroom cabinets doesn’t always entail replacing them, and painting over the old finish yourself can add to the problem and cost you more money to correct it. At Pro Painters Plus, we offer customers a better and more cost-effective way to renew their cabinets’ appearance. Our team of interior aesthetics professionals gladly performs cabinet refinishing at Bucks County, Perkasie, PA households. The process includes preparing your cabinets for a new finish and carefully applying stain, paint, or another look. We strongly advise you to let our highly trained team carry out this service to avoid time-consuming work that can ruin your weekends and result in injuries and property damage. With our extensive expertise, we perform timely, efficient work with attention to detail, ensuring your cabinets look like new again and fi your aesthetic vision and goals. Our services come at competitive prices because affordable cabinet refinishing with outstanding results should be available to everyone.

Cabinet Refinishing in Bucks County & Perkasie, PA

A Brief Explanation of How Cabinet Refinishing Works

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom or simply want to revive your cabinets’ look, cabinet refinishing is a simpler way to achieve your goals without replacing your existing units. Pro Painters Plus understands our customers’ concerns and wants them to feel at ease with this service, so we strive to be transparent with what goes into refinishing your cabinets. The process involves removing the old finish on your current cabinets, preparing the surfaces, and applying a new finish to them. You can choose any paint or stain to match your kitchen’s or bathroom’s existing design and décor. Getting a fresh look may involve refinishing cabinet doors or transforming the entire unit’s appearance, and the process often takes only a few days to complete. Cabinet refinishing is also less expensive than other options, such as pulling out your old ones and replacing them with new models. Instead, you save time and money while upgrading your current cabinets with a beautiful new finish.

Benefits of Refinishing Your Cabinets

Kitchen and bathroom cabinet refinishing comes with man benefits to your budget and home’s design. Pro Painters Plus proudly offers this service to enhance a home’s comfort and beauty. We’ve listed a few of the many benefits you can expect when refinishing cabinet doors and main boxes:

  • You Spend Less – Instead of replacing your cabinets at a high cost, refinishing your cabinets update their look without pulling out the main box or requiring additional construction services. You save time and money, and you don’t waste materials.
  • They Look Like New – Refinishing restores your cabinet’s exterior and gives you the same visual appeal as brand-new cabinets. We can also replace the knobs and hinges while replacing the finish, transforming your cabinets to fit your design goals and complement your interior spaces.
  • It’s an Option for Most Cabinets – We can refinish nearly any cabinet and provide the same aesthetic benefits. We make sure its main box is intact and attached to the wall. Most occupied homes don’t have issues with hanging or damaged main boxes.

What Are Different Types of Cabinet Refinishing?

Pro Painters Plus wants you to be completely satisfied with your cabinet’s new look after finishing your project. Our team sands, strips, and prepares your cabinets in detail before applying any finish to ensure the best possible results matching your aesthetic preferences and quality standards. The type of finish you select depends on your goals and home design. We will discuss all bathroom or kitchen cabinet refinishing options with you before starting any project. Many customers prefer an exposed wood grain with or without a stain, while others like the look of white cabinets or another paint color. You have several types of cabinet finishes to consider, including the following:

  • Cabinet Painting
  • Cabinet Staining
    • Solid Stains
    • Transparent Stains
    • Semi-Transparent Stains
  • Laminating Cabinets
  • Glaze Finished Cabinets
  • Lacquer on Cabinets

Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets?

As seasoned home interior contractors, Pro Painters Plus has dealt with a wide array of cabinets made with various materials, and we can create a solution for your cabinet refinishing needs. Our outstanding customer service, high-quality workmanship, and overall client experience at affordable prices led to us earning an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our company is different from other service providers because of our commitment to your satisfaction. In fact, we always carry out a final inspection after finishing any project to ensure we complete it to your specifications with attention to detail and quality. While we treat your property with care to avoid damage or accidents, we carry $2 million in liability insurance on the off chance something happens. Finally, you will get an accurate, detailed estimate of the services you need before starting the process.

Start Your Project Today by Contacting Pro Painters Plus

Pro Painters Plus is ready to start your home improvement project today with cabinet refinishing solutions, interior painting, and many other helpful services. Let our experience and versatile skillset enhance your home’s visual appeal and comfort. Contact us today to discuss your cabinets and get an estimate on our affordable professional work.

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