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Expert Epoxy Coating in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, PA

Are you searching for a flooring style that is sleek and will protect your home or business? Epoxy floor coating may be the material for you. Let our skilled crew members at Pro Painters Plus transform your garage floors into an elegant and protective surface. Epoxy floor covers give you a wide variety of features and benefits. These include protection from peeling, UV light-proofing to prevent fading and yellowing, resistance to chemicals such as gas or oil, and durability against cracks and spalling.

Whether you’re a gear head who works on cars or simply want a clean space in your garage, epoxy floors are the perfect solution. Call Pro Painters Plus now to learn what our epoxy floor coating services can do for your space today, and to learn why we’re one of the top painting and floor companies in Montgomery and Bucks counties.

epoxy flooring

We Treat More Than Just Garage Floors

Epoxy floor coatings don’t have to just be limited to your garage! Some of our customers have had epoxy covers installed in basements, patios, workshops, and more. Anywhere that your home needs a strong, protective flooring that will stand the test of time is a perfect place for epoxy. Pro Painters Plus is a local leader in epoxy floor coating applications because we have the expertise and the experience to get every job done right.

Why Choose an Epoxy Garage Floor?

Epoxy garage coatings offer more than a clean, attractive floor. They protect from cracks, as epoxy is one of the strongest materials to use as a sealant. While we apply your new garage floor covering, we make sure to evenly coat and protect your garage from strong impacts and shifting temperatures, preventing cracks in the future. Epoxy is especially resistant to cold winters, where cooler temperatures can cause cracks in floors by the spring. Epoxy flooring is also resistant to slipping, protecting you and your family members if you ever spill anything on your garage, or if rain and snowfalls off your car. Your epoxy-covered floor will keep its color too, as our coverings protect from fading and yellowing. That’s because we only use the highest-quality materials in your home. Thanks to their UV resistance, you will be enjoying your epoxy-covered floor for years without worry or the need to reapply coatings.

Is Epoxy Flooring Right for Me?

Most garage, basement, and commercial floors are a good fit for epoxy coating. Floors that are covered in concrete sealer, however, are not compatible with epoxy coating. Before applying the coating, our experts at Pro Painter Plus will clean and sand your floors, then seal the cracks with epoxy crack filler. This ensures your floor will be smooth after the coating is applied and dries. The process takes a few days, leaving you with an easy-to-clean floor that can withstand any weather. The non-toxic material is built to last years and will keep your floor looking pristine. If you’re looking for a coating that is effortless to maintain while looking good, epoxy coating is most likely a great fit for your floor.

Contact Pro Painters Plus for Your Flooring Needs

Pro Painters Plus can help you increase the value of your home with our flooring services. We offer a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can enjoy a clean, attractive floor with minimal maintenance. Call us today to discuss your needs, the floor you want to be covered, and everything else related to your floors.

House Painting with Precision, Not a Problem