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Professional Wallpaper Removal Services

Removing wallpaper from your home is a laborious, frustrating, and time-consuming job. If you’ve moved into a house that has old wallpaper or you’re redecorating your home, you should let the professionals take care of removing the wallpaper. Pro Painters Plus makes sure to remove every inch of wallpaper in a clean, timely manner. We have years of experience serving Bucks and Montgomery counties. We don’t recommend removing wallpaper yourself. On top of it being arduous work, you risk causing damage to your drywall that can be time consuming and expensive to repair. If you bought your house with the wallpaper already installed, you may not know how long it has been there or how it was applied, making the project even more complicated. Call today to schedule your quick and efficient wallpaper removal service.

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What Affects The Wallpaper Removal Process?

Many homeowners don’t anticipate how difficult removing wallpaper is. While you may want to take a weekend as a DIY project, there are many factors that can make your project lead to headaches. Some of the aspects that impact the difficulty of the project include:

  • Length of time the wallpaper has been on the walls
  • How the wallpaper was applied
  • What type of wallpaper was used
  • If the wall was properly sealed and primed before the application

Why Hire Pro Painters Plus?

The team at Pro Painters Plus has years of experience and the proper technology to remove your old wallpaper. We save you time, effort, and frustration. By trusting an expert, you also get peace of mind knowing you’ll avoid unnecessary damage to your walls. We work around your schedule, respecting your property while working efficiently to remove your wallpaper and preparing your walls for their next treatment. Combine wallpaper removal with our painting services for a quick and affordable package, freeing up your time. If you’re tired of staring at the same old wallpaper in your home, stop waiting another day to give us a call. In one quick session, we can remove your wallpaper, allowing you to add a new splash of color and design into your home.

House Painting with Precision, Not Problems